Bamboo Birds Nests, Ubud 

Firstly I would like to thank YOU for taking the time to read my first EVER blog post. I am not an experienced writer so this has been totally out of my comfort zone however I am a big believer that travelling is a perfect time to step out of your comfort zone & try new things! So here we go…

We have been living in Bali for a few months now & Ubud has always been on the top of our list for places to visit. Ubud has grown to be one of the most popular & busiest destinations in Bali however despite the thousands of tourists there are still a few green, quiet spots around the edges of town. Luckily we found one of these peaceful spots on Airbnb – Firefly Bamboo Birds Nests! An experience we will never forget…let me explain…


Tucked away in the middle of rice fields & jungle the location is dreamy. A 15 minute walk from the pick up & drop off location sends you feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere. There is no car access to the accommodation so packing lightly is a must!! Nothing but nature’s voice can be heard once you reach the nests.

You can reach Ubud centre in just 20 minutes walk however honestly, the walk is pretty rough once you hit the main road. Like most places in Bali the pavements are non-existent & when there is a pavement they are either uneven or full of motorbikes overtaking the standing traffic – just be careful!

Staying in the fourth & highest nest was a great choice. I had never stayed in a nest before & certainly nothing 6 metres off the ground! When booking the accommodation through Airbnb you can choose which nest you would like to reserve, 1,2,3 or 4. With Brad being an adrenaline junkie we were definitely staying in 4! We had to book months in advance as nest 4 seems to be the most popular. We spent many hours hanging out of the opening gazing at the amazing view.

We found that the nests were not very private, they are very open woven pods with no door however this was another great thing about staying so high, people were not at eye level or climbing the ladder past your nest ‘gawping’ in.

A few downsides to the nests however nothing that we didn’t already suspect before we booked:

The ladder!! If you are scared of heights in the slightest, this is NOT for you. I’m not scared of heights, but this ladder turned my stomach, it was much steeper & higher than I expected. 2 pieces of parallel bamboo almost vertical with small holes cut out for your hands & feet… yeah you get the idea. Just don’t look down…

Bathroom trips had to be planned well in advance & night bathroom trips were just a humongous effort, also in the dark the ladder…

When anybody moved around in the lower nests or climbed their ladders the whole nest swayed, sometimes it felt like you were sleeping on a boat!

At night it was pretty breezy so I was cool enough to sleep however Brad struggled with the heat. Inside the nest there is a mosquito cloth net which is pretty thick, this was a barrier to the breeze so we tied half of this back. At first we were worried about mosquitos nipping us however shockingly there were none! Result!

The bathroom is semi outdoors with a hot water supply. A quirky outdoor stone bath tub is also available for guests to use.

A comfortable common living area with a pool & swing overlooking the rice fields is also open to all guests. The area was very relaxing & great for meeting new faces.

Food is available all day from 11am however we found the meals/ snacks VERY expensive & not very pleasant. The spring rolls (strange fruit & veg wrapped in rice paper) pictured below were RP. 50,000 (approx £2.50) & in town you can find much bigger portions (and 1000% nicer) for RP. 10,000 (approx 50p).


If you are living on a budget like us & the majority of travellers, bamboo birds nests are very reasonable – RP. 400.000 (£20) per night per nest. I have noticed online you can find back packer accommodation from as low as £2 per night in Ubud which is unbelievable but bamboo bird nests are a totally unique sleeping experience.

Now for the highlight or should I call it the lowlight of our trip we will never forget… so on our second night at the nests at 1am Brad was woken by a warm patch on his arm, we quickly switched the light on to find we weren’t dreaming & a wild CAT was laying on the bed with us. It was a laugh or cry moment. After a lot of talking, laughing & staring into space wondering what to do in shock Brad decided to take the cat down the ladder & hope it wouldn’t come back! Just be aware that the nests are VERY open to all wild animals… it is a VERY natural rustic eco style stay!


In summary below are my personal overall ratings out of 10 for Firefly Bamboo Birds Nests, Ubud, Bali.

Bamboo nest chart

Please click on the links below to book your stay at Firefly Bamboo Birds Nests:

Firefly Bamboo Birds Nest 1

Firefly Bamboo Birds Nest 2

Firefly Bamboo Birds Nest 3

Firefly Bamboo Birds Nest 4

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