Top 3 ways to travel around Bali

There are many ways to travel around Bali that are all incredibly cheap and easy.

As fairly seasoned Bali travellers, we would love to share our experience and 3 favourite ways to travel around the island, we hope this helps you with your trip!


Price: £

With Bryony being an un-experienced scooter rider, the thought of driving on the Balinese hectic busy roads gave her mixed emotions to begin with. Thankfully Brad has lots of experience in riding sports bikes therefore he was brimming with confidence and was happy to jump on straight away. Unfortunately, the traffic doesn’t really fit with the ‘tropical paradise island’ theme however, our experience in Bali with our scooter was incredible!  We loved every trip on the scooter and everything soon became second nature.

We sometimes went out on the scooter for fun, there was always something new to see.

It not only opens you up to total freedom and to explore down little local streets in your own time but it allows you to connect better with the local lifestyle. The majority of the Balinese ride scooters (whilst balancing wood, water, dogs, fifteen children or gas bottles on the back), it is the most efficient and cost-effective way to travel.

Renting a scooter in Bali is easy and cheap. In the touristy areas there are many shops and signs clearly advertising scooter rental. Like everything, the more touristy location, the pricier. We would advise you hire a scooter from a more local area where they offer better deals.

We hired a scooter from a stall within the Nirmala supermarket at Jimbaran (less touristy location however still reputable company) for just £30 per month – £1 per DAY! Perfect for if you are travelling Bali on a budget.

Fuelling your scooter is also extremely cheap costing approximately £2 for a FULL TANK. A full tank would last us an average of 1 week. With very few petrol stations around, fuel is sold at warungs on the roadside in glass bottles displayed in handmade wooden stands.

An international driving license (together with your home country licence) or Balinese license is a legal requirement when driving any vehicle in Bali. We would advise you purchase an international driving license BEFORE you arrive in Bali, this way you will know the licence is legitimate. Getting an international driving license from the UK is a cheap & very quick.

WEAR A HELMET – the roads are dangerous & you DO NOT look like a ‘cool surfer’ without it. The police will pull you over and you will be made to pay large fines. The scooter rental shop will rent you a helmet or if they are feeling generous they may include a helmet in with your scooter rental.

Honking your horn is not an aggressive gesture in Bali, it just means ‘I am behind you please move to the side’. You will realise there is a lot of constant honking going on. Honking is not used in the same way as it is in the UK.

When parking your scooter at the beach or outside the shops a parking official will often ask for between 2,000RP – 15,000RP to park. This is standard but don’t pay anymore than this, they are ripping you off.

We found wearing a backpack helped whilst taking the scooter out as there is very little storage for shopping etc. There is usually a small storage space under the seat however only big enough for a box of cereal.

Make sure your travel insurance covers you for scooter accidents. MANY insurers don’t. You will find the details in the small print.

Always stick to the left-hand side of the road close to the pavement. This way the traffic will overtake as they please.

Personally for us, riding a scooter was the best way to get around Bali.

Are you looking for cheap scooter rental in Bali? If so, please feel free to contact us for the details of a reliable, friendly, English speaking and affordable scooter hire company we used on our 4 month stay in Bali. The best scooter rental company in Bali!


Price: ££

If you are unable to hire a scooter, had a drink or simply want to get from A to B without a guided tour I recommend using GO-JEK.

Download the app on your smart phone for free. You simply have to input the pickup and drop off location and a quick quote will automatically come through (unbelievably cheap prices). If you are alone there is the option to order a scooter ride inside of a car, this is obviously much cheaper.

In the touristy areas such as Uluwatu and Canggu, GO-JEK drivers are not allowed in certain areas as there is a limit to the number of taxis allowed in the area. Keep this in mind when travelling to high touristy areas, it may not be a door to door service.

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You can either link your credit card to the app or pay the driver cash. We personally preferred paying the driver cash so we were not charged international fees every time we used the service.

Although tipping in Bali is not compulsory we liked to tip the friendly drivers a small amount (usually between 10,000-30,000RP) to thank them – they are very appreciative of this. You will find a lot of GO-JEK drivers are very chatty and interested in hearing your travel stories.

The only negative to using GO-JEK was that when you place your order, the driver will usually call to confirm all information and unless you can speak basic Indonesian the conversation can become very difficult and confusing on both sides.

GO-JEK is not only a taxi service, it is your one stop app for all of your Bali needs. You can order groceries, fast food, massage, send post and lots more… its fab!

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Price: £££

Hiring a driver in Bali is easy however finding the right one is a different story as there are common tourist traps in the industry.

Once you find the right driver, you can sit back, relax, enjoy the guided tour, get to know local information, be shown non-tourist spots and even sometimes learn a little Indonesian!


To find the right driver you need to either of had a recommendation (usually the best way) or ensure you follow a few basic rules.

  1. Be crystal clear with all instructions before the day – pick up and drop off time, pick up and drop off location and places you would like to visit. Usually if you tell the driver the main places you would like to go to on the day, they will plan a route to suit everyone. Good drivers will always recommend extra stops you can take on your route so you get to see more.
  2. Agree on a total price before the day, have this price on paper or in a text. Compare this price to ensure you are getting a good deal.

Private driver rates can range from £20-£60. The rate will differ depending on if you are taking a half day or full day trip and also on how far away the places are you would like to go.

We were EXTREMELY lucky to find a 5-star driver who was trustworthy, affordable and very friendly. We cannot recommend PUTU enough, he is a true gentleman with a love for the island he was born on. The best driver in Bali!

Looking for a cheap reliable airport transfer in Bali? Personal travel guide? Best tours in Bali?

Contact Putu – details below.


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