Bali food guide

Bali is becoming one of the best ‘foodie’ destinations with the perfectly Instagram-able, fresh, colourful, exotic and organic dishes served in the most luxurious locations.


1# Eating street food

Price: £

Bali has many world-class restaurants however in our opinion you have never truly tasted Bali without eating street food.

Eating from warungs and carts (both classed as street food) is a great way to taste the classic, affordable and real traditional foods of Bali.

Some people tarnish all street warungs and carts with the same brush and name them all unhygienic, this is NOT the case. You have to use common sense and make a judgment yourself before purchasing food. Some of the smallest places sell the tastiest dishes on the island!

Where can you get good street food from in Bali?

We ate street food every day and over time got our favourites – Pak Amin (cart) & Warung 45 Cak Timbul (warung) both in Jimbaran. You know you go too often when you don’t need to place an order, they see you coming and start cooking… oooops!


Our favourite traditional dishes were:

Nasi / Mie Goreng

Nasi goreng (Fried rice)/ Mie goreng (fried noodles) is what you could call the most popular dish of Indonesia. Nasi or Mie goreng usually comes with vegetables, egg, pickled cucumbers, prawn crackers and chicken/ beef (on request). Some eateries add sambal (spice) to the dish therefore if you are not into spicy food let them know on ordering.

We found Pak Amin sold the best Nasi & Mie Goreng – once you try it you will be hooked!

Cost: IDR12,000 per portion (approximately 60p)



Sate is skewered, marinated and grilled meat or fish. Chicken, pork and fish are the most popular however there are places that serve lamb, tofu and beef sate.

Sate can be sold on its own however typically it is served with rice.

We found Warung 45 Cak Timbul sold THE BEST sate! The owner is extremely friendly and always tried to speak English. Whilst the sate was cooking we used to have Indonesian and English language lessons, what a laugh!

Warung 45 served pork and chicken sate (you could mix if you liked or just have one meat) with plain rice, sambal AND spicy shredded chicken (shredded chicken was a dream!).

Cost: IDR20,000 per portion (approximately £1)

2# Eating at restaurants

Price: ££

The popular question is..Where are the best and cheapest restaurants in Bali for travellers?

Bali has a wide range of restaurants selling every cuisine you can imagine. The touristy streets are lined with family-friendly and fine dining restaurants from top to bottom. You can also find totally Instagram-able restaurants too in luxurious dreamy locations such as on cliff edges, beach fronts and deep in the jungle.

Although we did not eat at the crème de la crème restaurants we do have several recommendations – bon appetite!

La Plancha – Seminyak

The beach bar restaurant has a cool funky beach vibe with colourful furniture and deco. If you see brightly coloured bean bags and sun umbrellas scattered along Seminyak beach front you have found La Plancha.

The menu offers a range of snacks, meals and alcoholic beverages at reasonable prices considering the location.

To location boasts an absolutely picture-perfect sunset and as the sun went down the fairly lights were switched on. With live music, sand between your toes, the noise of the ocean and a Bintang in hand you couldn’t ask for anything more relaxing!

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 8am – 1am

Location: Mesari Beach, Jalan Dhyana Pura, Seminyak

Telephone: +62 878 614 163 10


Free WIFI: Yes


Drifter – Uluwatu

Drifter is a café, surf shop and gallery all under one roof.

The café is located in the peaceful garden area where fresh coffee and a range of delicious healthy dishes are serviced all throughout the day.

Drifter is ideal for a light lunch and a healthy snack, it is not a place for a big slap up meal. The meals are wholesome, fresh and nutritious.

When we visited Brad needed to order two meals to fulfill his appetite but if it’s healthy what does it matter?

Prices are a little above average however you pay a price for excellent quality organic food!

We went to Drifter when we wanted a mini detox and break from the carbs!

Looking for vegan organic food? Visit Drifter!

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 8am – 10pm

Location: Jl. Labuansait No.52, Pecatu, Kuta Sel, Kabupaten Badung

Telephone: +62 0817557111


Free WIFI: Yes


CasaAsia – Ungasan

CasaAsia is a small hotel/ restaurant that was just around the corner from where we were living… dangerous!

At CasaAsia you can find local Indonesian cuisine and Italian at an affordable price. CasaAsia is famous for its pizza oven pizzas (they are delicious) and homemade pasta dishes.

The restaurant is fairly small and very casual, you will find people having a bite to eat in their beachwear and flipflops, nothing you need to put your frock on for! The restaurant sits looking over the hotel rooms and pool, often there will be children playing in the pool and in the gardens.

CasaAsia offers a delivery service after 6pm, orders for delivery are taken via WhatsApp only.

The restaurant is fairly difficult to find – we struggled the first couple of times as it is not located in an obvious place, it is down a dirt track and very bumpy on a scooter. Hopefully my map below will help you.

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 8am – 10pm

Location: Jl Kencana Resort, Ungasan, Bali

Telephone: +62 81805405202


Free WIFI: Yes


Sundara – Jimbaran

Sundara restaurant and cocktail bar is a perfect place for ‘date night’. The panoramic views over Jimbaran bay and 57 metre infinity pool gives the restaurant an elegant luxurious vibe.

The staff are very welcoming and accommodating offering 5* service.

As the sun is setting the ‘Sundowners’ happy hour begins, between 5-7pm daily Sundara offer 2 for 1 on all cocktails.

Sundara is a popular spot for functions and beachfront weddings.

The menu is fairly pricey however if you are looking for a treat or would like to wear your new shirt or frock, Sundara is the place for you!

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 11am – 1am

Location: Jimbaran Bay, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Banten 80361

Telephone: +62 361708333


Free WIFI: Yes


3# Shopping at the supermarket

Price: ££

Very rarely did we buy ingredients for meals from the supermarket ONLY because we found eating street food and eating out at reasonably priced restaurants was actually cheaper!

We are not huge chiefs that enjoy cooking so lazily eating out was overall a better option for us.

We did buy the essentials from the supermarket such as milk, fruit, water and bread but never filled the kitchen cupboards with ingredients to cook home-made meals.

Bali does have several large supermarkets such as Grand Lucky, Coco Mart and Indo-mart and also many small quirkey organic stores such as Bali Buda and Canggu shop.

We did have friends in Bali who liked to travel around the local food markets and small local supermarkets (which are cheaper) to buy ingredient to make their own meals as they enjoyed cooking… it is purely down to personal preference.

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