How to extend your Visa On Arrival in Bali

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT qualified to give official advice regarding any visa, below is our personal advice & experience when extending our VOA in Bali. There are many different types of visas for Indonesia, this post is for extending a 30 day Visa on Arrival in Bali only. This process can change at any time & we do not hold ourselves responsible for any misunderstandings/issues that may occur when extending your VOA. Please seek further advice from qualified professionals. 


If you are staying in Bali for LESS than 30 days there is no need to buy or extend your visa. In recent years Bali has issued a FREE 30-day policy. Please note that this only applies to people entering from certain countries… check before you fly! The UK & the majority of other European countries are on the list.

You CANNOT extend a FREE 30-day visa, if you enter Bali on a free 30-day visa you MUST leave before 30 days, no question (even if an agent says you can – this is illegal).

When we knew we would need to extend our Bali visas we started looking for information to help us. It took us a lot of time researching other blogs & asking questions on Facebook groups to gather some basic info that we could keep in mind for our first visit to Immigration.

We want to save you time & make the process clear so you feel confident about extending your visa.  

How do I extend my visa in Bali?

Initially you have two options: Extend your visa yourself OR pay an agent to do it. We chose to extend them ourselves, this way you are not paying an agent (we have heard they can charge 4 times as much as the visa cost – AHH!).

The process is fairly time-consuming as you have to go to the immigration office for 3 appointments on 3 separate dates (I guess this is what you pay an agent for, but common’ travellers have lots of spare time!) The time spent there on those days can differ depending on how busy the office is…we found it very interesting to see how many other travellers were there doing the same thing and also how much Bali needs & loves tourism!

If you are planning on staying in Bali for OVER 30 days you must purchase a VOA at Bali airport when you arrive from the VOA counter just before the immigration line. Explain to the officers at the counter that you are going to be staying for over 30 days, they will understand your intentions & ensure you obtain the correct visa.

You must have at least 6 months remaining on your passport.

Only CASH is accepted at the VOA counter. The visa costs RP.355,000 (approx £20).

Once you have purchased your visa you are now entitled to use the local & Kitas immigration line on the left. This is usually a much shorter line… a little bit of fast track!

Once you have passed through immigration, check the expiry date on your visa is correct. Your visa will be displayed as a stamp in your passport. ALWAYS check & double check dates.

When do I need to start my visa extension process?

The general guideline is to start the extension process 7-10 days before your visa expires so you now have plenty of time to explore Bali! Note: The earliest you can start the visa extension process is 2 weeks (14 days) before your expiry date, if you try to extend before this, the immigration office will turn you away.

It is VERY important to remember the date you need to start your extension because if you ‘overstay’ your visa you will be fined RP. 300,000 per day (approx £15) per person.

There are several immigration offices in Bali, you MUST go to the closest office to where you are staying. We are staying in Jimbaran so the Nusa Dua office is the closest for us. Please note the process I am about to explain is from my experience at the Nusa Dua office.


Here’s what you will need to start the visa extension process:

  • Black pen (you can use the ones provided at the immigration office if you like however they are like gold dust)
  • 1 copy of your passport photo page
  • 1 copy of your visa on arrival page
  • Evidence of your outward bound flight after the next 30 days.
  • The name, address, telephone number and email address of where you are staying in Bali.
  • Passport

Our advice for all appointments is to go at the earliest time possible –  the whole office closes down from 12noon-1pm for lunch (this is every day of the week) & if you are still waiting at 12noon you are waiting in the exact same position until 1pm for them to return after their lunch! Trust… this happened to us, it’s very frustrating & takes up your day! If you get there early.. you are in & out before their lunch.


Day 1 – completing forms & handing over your documents & passport.

Extension forms are only handed out in the AM – check the opening times & go first thing.

Once you walk through the main doors straight in front of you there is a desk, ask the officer at this desk for a visa on arrival extension form. Complete the form in black pen, capital letters in your own time.

Once you have completed the form grab a ticket for ‘A’ desk from the little ticket machine on the far left of the hall.

Keep an eye on the big TV for your number to come up – when your number flashes up it will tell you which desk also to go to at the main desks.

At the main desk they will give you a red folder and ask you to put all your documents inside (passport, form, copy of passport, copy of visa and copy of flights) – They will then take the folder from you & ask you to sit down & wait for them to call your name.

When they call your name go back up to the desk & collect a sheet of paper which will be the paper you need to pay for the extension. It will be IDR355,000. On the same sheet, it will say when your 2nd appointment date & time is (2-5 days later).

The immigration office will keep your passport so keep the paper they give you safe – This is very important!

To pay… you do not pay directly at the immigration office, this should be done at a bank. You can pay anytime before having to go back for your 2nd appointment. A BCA bank is 2 mins up the road on the left so pretty easy to get done straight away.

Day 2 – Photo appointment 

Go to the main desk again & show her you have now paid for visa on arrival & she will tell you to go to desk 3 at the front. The officer at the desk will then give you a ticket – once your number is called on the left-hand side of the office there is a foreign photo office… head there. They will take your photo, fingerprints & give you a date & time for your 3rd & final appointment.

Day 3 – Collection of visa

Enter the main doors & on your right-hand side there are some MORE desks, head there & they will ask for your paper they gave you on your 2nd appointment. They will take it from you & ask you to wait in the seating area for your name to be called out by an officer at the front desks. Listen carefully for your name, the officer will give you your passport back with a new visa in, result! CHECK THE DATES.

The extension starts from the date your visa expires, not the date you start your extension.

If you have driven a scooter or car to the immigration office & parked in the car park a gentleman will ask you for RP. 2,000 (approx 10p) when you leave.

After staying a total of 60 days in Bali, you’ll need to leave Bali, you cannot extend again.

Currently, there is no limit to repeating this process.

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