Bondi to Bronte coastal walk – Australia

When arriving at Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia to start the coastal walk our first reaction was WOW.


Bondi beach is one of the most famous beaches in Australia & is listed on the Australians national heritage list.

There were many people exercising, running & walking with prams along the beach front which was great to see, the beach had a healthy fitness vibe!



The walk from Bondi beach to Bronte beach is just approx 2.6KM (one way) with many viewing spots to soak up the amazing views.


The whole walk was beautifully picturesque with the perfect seascapes!

The panoramic views of the South Pacific Ocean and the coastal cliffs are absolutely breathtaking.

The first part of the coastal walk starts at Notts Avenue close to Bondi Icebergs Club.

Bondi Iceberg club is a Bondi landmark and only a couple of dollars to swim. There was something very calming about watching the waves crash up against the side of the swimming pool whilst the water within the pool remained calm & relaxing to swim in.


Just a short stroll away from Bondi Iceberg Club you will arrive at the very rocky Mackenzies Bay.


Continuing along the coastal walk from Makenzies Bay you will reach Tamarama beach. Tamarama beach is a great spot to rest your legs and grab a coffee or a cold bottle of water. You can sit on the beach or just behind the beach at Tamarama Park. The park was well maintained and perfect for a cute picnic although I did spot BBQ facilities too!

The beach was VERY quiet and perfect for relaxing & sunbathing. Swimming here is considered dangerous due to the deep waters & strong currents. I did spot a few brave surfers out at sea however swimming at this beach is not recommended.


You will reach Bronte beach by following the coastline along Tamarama Marine Drive and Bronte Marine Drive. Bronte beach is the perfect spot for a bite to eat with several well-known excellent cafes.

You now have the option to walk back along the coastal path to Bondi beach or hop on the bus.

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