Our 8 favourite things about Hamilton Island

In a nutshell, the Hamilton Island is a burst of 5* luxury, the home to many pretty parakeets & the only island you will see more golf buggies than cars. We were lucky enough to spend a week on the Island my (Bee’s) parents when they came to visit us on our travels… it was so dreamy after 4 months of living off a travelling budget!.

We would love to share 8 of our favourite things about Hamilton Island.



80% of the transport on the island is by golf buggy, you see the odd ute driven by the island workers and the bus every blue moon, however, all residents & holiday guests either walk or nip around in a golf buggy.

The island parking is laid out for golf buggy use, you will find that the majority of parking spots are only golf buggy size.

The hiring office is conveniently located in a central spot easy to find – you may find if you are renting a higher end apartment a golf buggy will come with the property.

As a result of golf buggies being the main mode of transport on the island, there is a huge relaxed slow vibe on the island and minimal noise & pollution. Driving a golf buggy is such a fun novelty and defiantly one of the highlights of our trip.



The minute we landed we felt like we had landed in a film set, the island is pure paradise! The whole island is like one huge holiday resort, the roads, gardens, and buildings are all immaculate.



The island’s airport is the smallest we have come across. You step off the plane and around the corner you see the agents/ drivers ready to help, no passport control and just one small luggage belt. Once you head outside of the airport you will not see hundreds of people, taxis and buses you will see a car park full of golf buggies.

The airport is served by both Jetstar and Virgin Australia. Flights from Sydney, Australia take approx 2.5hrs.


There are 13 restaurants on the island, our favourite was Manta Ray. The restaurant sits overlooking the Marina and at both day & night the views are beautiful. Prices are reasonable & the pizzas are even better!



From paddle boarding to jet skiing Hamilton Island has it all, Catseye beach is the place to be for water sports!

Hiring a catamaran was good fun, this was something we had never done before. It was just a shame that the buoyed area that you are allowed to sail in was sheltered from the wind by the cliffs making it difficult to build speed and stray too far away from the beach…but I think they might have done this on purpose for safety?

We would defiantly recommend booking in advance as they are very popular and not very expensive – half an hour was $40 and one hour was $60.

We also hired paddle boards, this was such a laugh! We were all a little unsteady to start with but soon got the hang of it – it’s just a balancing act! We thought this activity was also reasonably priced at $25 for one hour.




A trip to The Hamilton Island is not complete without a visit to Whitsundays beach. We booked a full day tour with Explore which was incredible and would recommend to all!

The sailing boat was new, clean & featured two sunbathing nets at the front. The ocean was calm and the sun was beaming, we set off sailing the ocean and our first stop was at Chalkies beach. We grabbed our snorkels and jumped off the boat to see hundreds of colourful sea creatures.

The highlight for us was when the diving instructor purposely threw fish food into the water over our heads whilst snorkeling so suddenly many shawls of fish swarmed us. Priceless!

The next stop on the sailing tour was Whitsundays beach. The beach is 98% pure white silica sand with turquoise waters stretching approximately 7KM. Not only is the beach picture perfect but it also has amazing natural surroundings.

We were lucky enough to see six Goannas plodding around the picnic area, they were tame enough to get centimeters away. Brad was in his element, he had never been so close to wild Goannas before.




The boys enjoyed a chartered fishing day leaving from the island marina – they set off at sunrise on a small fishing boat and came back with their catch to fry at the island fish & chip shop. THE FRESHEST FISH WE HAVE EVER HAD – YUMM!



We booked another day trip with Explore however this time it was to the Great Barrier Reef!

This was a once in a lifetime trip and we feel extremely grateful!

The journey out to the reef was very choppy with waves towering over the boat & many people looking very sickly! We would definitely recommend taking anti-sickness tablets for ANY boat trip you take. The captain assured us it wasn’t dangerous but blimey it felt it!

Two hours later we arrived at the reef it was still fairly choppy but we were excited to jump in and look at the famous sea life. The boys were diving down to get the best views – they were even lucky enough to spot a leopard shark!

We had an impressive lunch on the boat mid-day floating in the middle of the ocean. This in itself was a memorable experience.

There was the option to jump into the reef for the second time in the afternoon or sunbath on the top deck before heading back to Hamilton Island marina.





Thank you Mum & Dad for one of the best weeks of our lives. Our memories together from the Hamilton Island will stay with us forever x x



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