Fun facts about New Zealand

If you enjoy perfectly stunning landscapes, adventurous activities and being outdoors, New Zealand is the place to be! 

new zealand_facts.jpg

Check out our most useful and fun facts we have learnt about New Zealand below: 

1. There are no dangerous animals in New Zealand 

Unlike its close neighbour Australia, New Zealand doesn’t have any dangerous animals capable of killing you. You can hike up the mountains and swim in the lakes without any worry you are going to get a nasty bite!


2. More people live in Auckland than in the whole of the South Island

With 1.6 million people now living in Auckland alone, the city is proven to be rapidly growing in comparison to the 1.1 million people living in the whole of the South Island.


3. Only a New Zealand driving license or international passport is accepted when purchasing alcohol


This rule applies everywhere throughout New Zealand, bottle shops, supermarkets, bars, and restaurants. Many travellers purchase a Kiwi driving license to save the hassle of losing their passport. 


4. The people to sheep ratio is 1:7

For every 1 person in NZ, there are 7 sheep.

Whilst driving down almost every road in the South Island of New Zealand you will see a sheep. During the months of September and October, you will also see hundreds of bouncing lambs! 


5. If you are in New Zealand for longer than 12 months you are legally required to convert your driving license into a New Zealand license

Converting your driving license is made easy online and costs around $50 NZ. This is something that is easily forgotten about when busy exploring but if left not done, the police will issue a hefty fine. 


6. For budget internal flights check out JetStar and Air New Zealand

We have found these airlines offer some gobsmacking deals! We bagged ourselves a flight with Air New Zealand from Auckland to Christchurch for just $60 NZ (£30) each! 


7. It’s normal to see people not wearing shoes in public 

In the Maori culture, going barefoot means that you are connecting with nature. 

Kiwis are generally more casual than in many other countries regarding dress code and appearance, and many children go barefoot from a young age.


8. In Maori ‘Wh’ is pronounced ‘F’

To pronounce the city of Whangarei, it would be fang-a-ray. 

We noticed that most of these Maori names were mainly for the towns in the North Island of New Zealand.


9. Kia Ora – An informal greeting used to say ‘hello’

Pronounced Kee- Ora. 

You will find this is used regularly and widely throughout New Zealand and can also be a way to wish somebody good health.


10. Kiwis are extremely proud of their country…

…and good on them! 

You will find 99% of Kiwis are patriots and regularly recommend places to go which we found positive and extremely helpful when planning trips. 


11. Customs are strict! 

Before flying into New Zealand we strongly recommend researching what you need to declare on arrival.

We found that there are many unusual rules and restrictions, if you are unsure, always ask! 







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